Gianni's NY Pizza Review Pop-Ups

Hi,  I'm Tony and last month I visited your restaurant and I wanted to leave you a review but I decided to email you instead.  Before writing a review for you I  noticed that you have 781 good reviews on google and I can show you how to stream those right to your website so everyone sees your great reputation.

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Old Way Reviews

  1. One Page: Rarely Seen
  2. No Review Verification
  3. Not Mobile Friendly
  4. Static: Can't Update it
  5. Doesn't Catch Your Eye
  6. No Directory Icon
  7. No Call To Action

New Way Reviews Pop Badge

  1. 100% Viewed By All Visitors
  2. 100% Review Verified
  3. 100% Mobile Friendly
  4. Auto Update Daily
  5. Perfectly Timed Scrolling (15 Seconds)
  6. Directory Authority Icon
  7. Click To Call Action