Do you want to dominate your competition?

Here's a very Special Introductory Offer for you to give you an advantage over your competition. We just released a digital ad program that allows companies to advertise for a fraction of the cost of TV ads every month on the internet to get more traffic to your website and convert better: This is a very powerful strategy.

What are Digital Display Ads? All these different videos that you see are simply 30 seconds sometimes 45 seconds long that you see on the internet when you go on to you-tube, weather channel, Yahoo, WebMD, news stations, and different websites. So, we can actually show your display ad to any type of target marketing that you're looking for,  lets say someone goes to a news network website and they are in your zip code, we can show them your amazing offer ad.

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Q: What is the #1 Way To Get A Business More Customers?

Reach people based on locations such as country, region, city, or zip code. Most advertising objectives allow you to refine your audience this way to connect people with nearby businesses.

Need more traffic to your website? Of course, you do... we ALL do. That's because the more traffic you get, the more money you make. Pretty simple math, right? But the question then becomes, HOW?

How do you get more traffic to your website and how do you get it at an affordable price? As much as we hate paying for traffic, it can get costly. Especially as companies like Facebook try to "drown out" smaller businesses. They know the mega-businesses will continue to spend millions of dollars on advertising, no matter the price.

But you CAN fight back.

Target Market People Only The Areas You Want

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Some People That Come To Your Website Are:

Looking for a Good Deal on the services or products you offer -
We solve that problem by offering "Offer Ads"

Others are looking for a Reputable Company - They are searching for 5 Star Reviews -
We solve that problem by showing "Reputation Ads"

Looking for a Specific Product or Service -

We solve that problem by showing "Branding Ads"

Secret That Your Competitors Doesn't Know Yet.....You Can 10x Your Results If You Retarget Each Buyer For 90 Days And You Switch Up The Message & Get Rid Of Banner Blindness so we created "The 10x RETARGETING FUNNEL" and this means that when someone comes to your website you really have like 72 hours to capture them.

These Ad Are Not Annoying Popup Ads That Get Blocked By Ad Blockers.
They Are On A Page Like Any Other Contents Page

Q: Do Ads Show Up On Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Linked In?
A: No,  those sites are called IN APP Ad Networks. You need to go directly to those sites to advertise. 

Q: Does Ad-Viddy Show Up On Google Display Network?
A: Yes, Google Represents just under 30 % of display ads in RBT (Real-Time Bidding). But there is another 70% of the internet that is made up of another 70 major ad and data providers that we connect with as well as reaching over 95% of the internet and mobile apps that show your ad.

Q: Do I get Leads?
: We Do Not Sell Leads. We Sell Traffic. And Traffic Brings You New Visitors To Your Website. We do not guarantee leads or new sales. Businesses understand this and LOVE the new traffic and retargeting strategies. For the people that have already visited your website, we are going to retarget them and get them back. If they come back what do you think is going to happen?

They are going to call you!


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As you can see below that on a 90 day period we are switching up the messaging for them to find what they are looking for in your business and brings them right back to you.

As you can see below that on a thru throughout the year we are switching up the messaging for them to find what they are looking for in your business and brings them right back to you.

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